Emergenetics imagines a more understanding world.
A global community, where every interaction is an opportunity for acceptance, understanding, and connection. Emergenetics shows people that we are more alike than different. 

Create a Brighter Future for your Company

Use self-awareness as a foundation for your business’s success. Empowering your employees with improved self-awareness and a common language of appreciation and understanding can be a game changer.

Organizations realize a return on their investment in Emergenetics through: Reduced miscommunication and conflict; Improved collaboration and productivity; and Increased employee engagement and retention.

A certified Emergenetics Associate will conduct a virtual Team Dynamics for Small Groups (3 – 9 people) or a virtual or in person Meeting of the Minds workshop for up to 30 participants, utilizing your employee’s Emergenetics profiles. Following the workshop, participants will gain access to the Emergenetics+ app, providing them the tools to continue applying their newfound awareness and insights on a daily basis.

Realize Your Potential Personally and Professionally

Understand the impact your inherent strengths have on the way you communicate, collaborate, and lead. You can enhance your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, productivity, and personal effectiveness.

Learning about yourself and those closest to you can unlock opportunities to enhance your most important relationships. 

Individual Emergenetics Profiles are available and include a virtual 1:1 debrief with a certified Emergenetics Associate and access to the Emergenetics+ app, providing you the tools to continue applying your newfound awareness and insights on a daily basis.