Workshops are a great way to experience growth. Surrounded by others on their journey,
you learn not just about yourself, but how others approach life. In completing a workshop with Life Integrated Coaching, you leave with a support system and knowing you are not alone

Upon completing the Journey of Curiosity course, you will go from having limits to being limitless, stuck to free, and define the YOU that will allow the life you deserve.

Curiosity Basecamp

A four-week course designed to give you the tools of transformational curiosity: SUSPEND, OPEN, and SEEK. Each week, a small group gathers for 90-minutes to learn the tool and begin practicing and applying it. Exercises are offered as part of the content and to support the learning process. Basecamps may have a theme (e.g., Bridging Differences) however the tools are the same.  

Journey to Self-Success

A six-week course designed to support your individual personal transformation using the tools of Transformational Curiosity learned in Curiosity Basecamp. Each week, a small group gathers for 90-minutes to work through setting goals, building an action plan, and supporting each other as you follow your journey. To support your individualized path, this course includes two 45-minutes 1:1 session with Erica Hansen, the creator of Transformational Curiosity.