Transformational Curiosity is a suspension of your experiences
and beliefs to be open and seek the unknown.

The three pillars of Transformational Curiosity are

  • When applied internally it leads you to unearth your soul’s purpose, define who you are, and live a life free of limits.
  • When applied externally it has the power to unite humanity one encounter at a time: We need people to survive, but we need differences to thrive.

Transformational Curiosity was born out of a year-long trek to discover how I was able to transform my view on life and the world: How I finally embraced and unearthed my soul’s purpose. I wanted to understand because if I did it, anyone can do it. I want my journey to benefit others and not just me.

Everyone needs to follow their journey and I don’t believe, in fact I don’t want, anyone to use transformational curiosity as a short-cut. It’s not. There are no short-cuts in life journeys. However, if they can find transformational curiosity to support and further their journey – that’s beautiful.